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Make Your Own Clothespin Doll Kits

Deborah Fisher

Posted on December 15 2018

Make Your Own Clothespin Doll Kits

My first book! My first trip to Houston! My first Quilt Market! Oh, but there were no actual books. Yes, due to the publishing schedule I would not have any books with me at Quilt Market, where I was headed to do my first book presentation (called a Schoolhouse). Fortunately, I had stumbled across a blog post from the marvelous Ebony Love on tips for doing a Schoolhouse presentation. Yay! Ebony recommended handouts and a giveaway. The publisher was going to be taking care of the handouts-color copies of one chapter and other excerpts. My job was the giveaways. Note that says GIVEAWAYS. One is just not enough. So, as if I didn’t already have enough to do, I decided to raffle off one Little Smiles Bunny from Sew Fun AND also give Clothespin Doll Kits AND decorative pins for your pincushion to EVERYONE who came to my schoolhouse. Clothespin dolls are mentioned on page 11 of Sew Fun in the Projects for Sewing Space Interlopers sidebar:

These innocent little dolls will just suck you right in. I put out a bunch of supplies so my girls could make some to photograph for the book and I just couldn’t stop myself. I think we had takeout that night. No time to cook dinner when you have sweet little dolls to make! The joy of putting out a variety of supplies for everyone to use and choose their own colors and textures is certainly not as great with a kit, but kits are perfect for little gifts, party goody bags, taking on the go to restaurants or other peoples houses (don’t forget the glue and a pen for the face), and for me, handing out at Quilt Market.

I will post about those decorative pins another time. Today I want to show you these cute little clothespin doll kits you can make. Put them together assembly line fashion and you get big bang for your buck and your time. I wanted to have something the attendees could use to remember the book so I printed up stickers with the book cover. You could, of course, make up your own sticker or seal with any type of sticker or tape:

I ordered 3 x 5 glassine envelopes (I just love glassine paper, don’t you!) and a big pack of wooden clothespins:

Each envelope got a clothespin, 2 rectangles of fabric, a wool felt rectangle, a scrap of tulle, a piece of ribbon or rick rack, a whorl of wool, a few buttons, and a pinch of sequins:

Voila! Cute little Clothespin Doll Kits and an example (oh, the lavender hair):

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