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Socks Appeal

Deborah Fisher

Posted on December 15 2018

Socks Appeal

In our house we have a lot of odd socks lying around. My kids don’t wear matching socks anyway, but there is also the issue of sock rejection when it comes to putting laundry away. There is a lot of “that’s not mine”, “that’s hers”, “I don’t know”. And before you know it we have a major sock collection without a home.

Enter Socks Appeal! I had a light bulb moment (actually a smack myself in the head moment) when I saw this book at City Quilter. It is not a new book but it presented itself to me at just the right time. Winter break was coming up and the panic of what to do with two grumpy girls was setting in. Add our museum-worthy sock collection and I had a plan!

My girls were very excited but I admit I was nervous. My book, Sew Fun, has lots of tips for sewing with kids, but sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. Could the three of us have a nice time making things together without whining, fighting, or crying? I gave myself a good talking to and forged ahead. The directions seemed simple enough for them to follow somewhat independently and Brenna Maloney is very funny which was a big plus for me. If things got hairy, I felt like Brenna would be on my side.

Hazelnut decided on the Owl:

Since Hazelnut is 9, she is more self sufficient:

Bippy went for the penguin:

Bippy is only 5 so requires more assistance, but she did great. I love how her pants coordinate with her penguin:

They were both happy with their new friend and I didn’t even whine, fight or cry. Thank you Brenna Maloney!

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