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Odd Fruit Pincushion

$18.00 USD

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Part of a series of 30 Odd Fruit Pincushions made while taking 30 Day Sampler Embroidery Class with Jennifer Jangles.

This pincushion features: Stem Stitch

One of a Kind Odd Fruit Pincushions are made from wools, velvets, assorted ribbons, and stuffed with crushed walnut shells.

This charming pincushion is a great gift for yourself, for anyone who likes to sew, or who just likes having lovely objects in their life. Use it in your sewing area or when you are sewing anywhere and need a fun and practical pincushion by your side.

ALLERGY ALERT: crushed walnut shells

Every pincushion in this shop is handmade. By hand! Inconsistencies and slight imperfections are to be expected and welcomed as part of the personality of the object.

Made in my smoke-free studio which is occasionally visited by Mordy, Jasper, and Violet, the wondercats.

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