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Quilty Math Pencils

$16.00 USD

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Quilty Math Pencils! Quilt math literally right at your fingertips! 

• Quilty Math Pencils come as a set of 8. 

• There are 4 each of 2 designs. 
One design features yardage increments converted to inches (1 yard = 36", 3/4 = 27", etc). The other design has fractions converted into decimals (1/8 = .13, 1/3 =.33, etc). 

• The set of 8 pencils comes in a handmade, cotton sateen, graph paper printed bag with yellow grosgrain ribbon drawstring and orange wool felt balls. 

I designed these bags just for these pencils. And if at some point you don't need the bag for pencils, it can be used for eyeglasses, shorter knitting needles, crochet hooks, point turners, or anything else!

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