Where did the name Fish Museum and Circus come from?

My last name is Fisher, and Museum is a nod to my fine art background. But let's be real. Most of life is just a crazy Circus full of juggling, poorly trained animals, high-wire acts in sparkly costumes, and too much sugar.

Do you take orders?

Unfortunately, I can not take orders. Almost everything I make is one-of-a-kind. Besides, the logistics of keeping track of all that and actually having to learn how to make a spreadsheet would just push me over the edge. I'd rather be making stuff.

Where do you get your ceramic parts?

I make them! I make everything. I am a maker. I make the ceramic parts, I sew the inserts, I make the sewing box tops including the wooden parts, I design the graphics and the packaging. I'm tired. Are you tired?

How can I buy something?

If there is something available in the shop and you like it, please buy it! Pincushions, thread holders, yarn bowls, and such tend to sell out very quickly. If you would like to know when new items are going to be listed, please sign up for my email newsletter. The newsletter goes out every first and third Thursday of each month. I announce all new listings and times in the newsletter.

What are your pincushions stuffed with?

Pincushions are stuffed with crushed walnut shells. Sewing box lids are stuffed with poly fill.