My NYC Blog Hop: Fabric Collection from Gotham Quilts

My NYC Blog Hop: Fabric Collection from Gotham Quilts


I love New York! And I hate New York. Read my ramblings about that below, or skip it to get to the good stuff!

When I started really thinking about why I hate New York, I discovered that what I really hate is the transportation. I live on Long Island about 60 miles from Manhattan. Driving into any of the 5 boroughs requires battling traffic with a super hero state of zen so your head doesn’t explode, money not just for gas, but in tolls for whichever bridges and tunnels you take, and I haven’t even mentioned parking. Parking?! Fuhggedaboutit! (See: Brooklyn) You can instead, take the train. Decipher the schedule, fork over $40 just for the Long Island Railroad, find the right connecting subways or buses going in the right direction…well, you get the idea. I digress.

I really do love New York!  One of my favorite places in New York is Gotham Quilts and I am thrilled that Andrea and Yvette have come out with the My NYC fabric collection! They have both been super sweet and supportive of my work over the years and I am so excited to be part of their collection launch blog hop. 

Lately, I am really loving small projects. Time for bags and pouches! I made the Simple Patchwork Pouch from Zakka Workshop and Just in Case Pouch from Aneela Hoey. These bags are great for showcasing the My NYC collection and fussy cutting some of the fantastic images, especially The Pizza Rat. The Pizza Rat! Google it, people! So funny. Also kind of icky, but mostly funny.

For the Just in Case Pouch I used:

Stamps in Sky for the exterior

I’m Riding Here! in Blacktop for the interior

Facades in Patina for the handle

The Pizza Rat in Concrete for the zipper tab

For the binding I used Boundless Binding in Tomato from my new fabric collection, Hothouse. Hothouse will be available for pre-order in my shop by the end of August!


A fussy cut Pizza Rat!

The Simple Patchwork Pouch is a sweet little clasp bag that I have made before. This time I used The Pizza Rat for the exterior and Taxi Stand in White for the interior. I am giving this one away to a Brooklyn friend. 

Gotham Quilts is offering a wonderful My NYC Sew Together Bag Kit that you can find here. And they also have quilt kits and bundles. As a softie lover, I particularly want to point out the My NYC Pillow Panel. I think I may need a Pizza Rat pillow…


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