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Bo the Bunny

Deborah Fisher

Posted on December 14 2018

Bo the Bunny

Hello again! I have been gone for a while but Bo finally convinced me to write about him so here I am again. Bo the Bunny is a new pattern for Bo Twal, an international doll project that you can read more about here. You can purchase a Bo the Bunny PDF pattern here or here.

The original Bo was made from wonderful woven wool with a little tweedy pattern. I really do love wovens. Ok, fine, I’m scared of knits but I really do love wovens. The original Bo also has machine quilted ears and a tail made from an organic cotton fleece that I have been hoarding for years. Ok, so the fleece is knit but I was only making a tail out of it.

When I heard about the Sew Mama Sew Spectacular Softie Contest I knew that Bo just had to go to the party. A new Bo needed a new fabric. And that cotton fleece was calling his name. So I did it. I made the entire new Bo out of the knit cotton fleece and it worked.

The new Bo is a little rounder, plumper, softer. It was more difficult to get him into the very specific shape that I like, but he is his own shape and I like that too. You can see here where the two of them are next to each other:

The new Bo has hand quilted ears sewn in a simple running stitch with floss and his tail is a scrap of felted sweater.

I am fond of both the original and the new Bo. And I hope he will sell many patterns so we can continue to fund the Bo Twal program. Oh, and the original Bo has a messenger bag with instructions included in the pattern!

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