Easy Dinosaur Capes

Easy Dinosaur Capes

I always hope that makers will use the projects in my book, Sew Fun, as starting points for their own ideas. A few weeks ago I even did this with my own patterns. The Insect Capes in Sew Fun are very versatile and are great foundation patterns for lots of other capes. Check out the fairy capes made with the grasshopper pattern on Cut to Pieces!

This year Bippy was turning 6 and she wanted a dinosaur party. So of course I had to make 13 dinosaur capes.

Using the Ladybug Cape pattern in Sew Fun gave me a head start. I traced the pattern on a larger sheet of paper and then added a longer tail on the bottom. I cut these out of orange, blue, green, and yellow felt. For the spines, I cut a row of triangles freehand from felt.

Next, I sewed the two wings together down the center line, inserting the spines into the seam.  

I used the instructions in Sew Fun for the velcro closure, sewing the bias tape across the neck edge.

They looked so cute hanging together waiting for the party to start.

The kids loved wearing them at the party and then they got to take them home.

Yay for dinosaur fun!

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