Sew Myself Doll Challenge

Sew Myself Doll Challenge

Kid Giddy (Kerry Goulder) always gets me into trouble. She has such fun contests and swaps and things going on that I just can’t resist. Her latest effort to get me into trouble is a joint project with Generation Q Magazine and Sizzix. Kerry designed custom doll dies for Sizzix and is working with Generation Q on a Sew Myself Doll Challenge. I was powerless. Children? Work? Responsibilities? So sorry. Not this week.

Since I don’t have a Sizzix die-cutting machine, I ordered a pre-cut doll kit from Love Bug Studios. It is always fun to try out someone else’s pattern. I design so many softie patterns myself that is good to see how other designers solve doll dilemmas, such as arm attachments and openings for stuffing. And it is always fun to add my own twist.

Here, I added one of my signature noses. (In my world, it’s all about the nose.) And simple embroidered eyes and mouth. The hair is an eclectic mix of yarn, rick rack, and ribbon for lots of texture fun.

For the dress I did some patchwork, adding an integrated pocket with rick rack edging, another trademark of mine. And black leggings.

Shoes. I am very fond of shoes. I have a pair of grass green shoes from Spain that I adore. So mini me got her own pair of grass green shoes-this time with a flower button.

A quick scarf with leftover yarn from some fingerless gloves I made a few years ago and she is toasty warm. (I’m always cold so there HAD to be a scarf.)

Now here is where I REALLY got into trouble. What to go in that pocket? A spool of hot pink thread. A sewing needle. A pair of orange handled Fiskarsscissors. Yup.


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