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Strawberry Pins

Deborah Fisher

Posted on December 15 2018

Strawberry Pins

Hi folks! Well, hi Kelly! And if anyone else is actually reading this, please let me know!

So, last week I mentioned the decorative strawberry pins I made to give out at Quilt Market. I made a whole bunch of them (along with other decorative pins), but you can make just a few. They are lovely as gifts for sewing friends, with or without a handmade pin cushion. This is also a great project with new young sewists. Check out the pin cushion made with felt balls on page 25 of Sew Fun:

My logo is a pincushion with pins so it seemed like the strawberry pins would be just right:

I ordered some business cards with one of the drawn pins missing, no printing on the back, and a dot where I wanted the pin to go into the card to make the hole punching more efficient. I glued a square of felt to the back of the card for the point of the pin. Next time I think I might just use a bit of washi tape.

I made my pins with polymer clay. This is a fabulous clay that is solid color throughout and bakes in a toaster oven or regular oven at a low temperature. It is available at most art and craft stores under the brands Sculpey and Fimo and is sold as little bricks:

It is great for making all kinds of small objects from beads to miniature animals. I loved to make miniature things for my dollhouse when I was little and now my daughters use it for animals and other odd stuff. If you plan to work with polymer clay more than just once in a while you might want to get yourself a separate toaster oven or a craft oven like this one which is also great for things like shrinky dinks:

I won’t comment on safety stuff but I will say that I do wash hands after using polymer clay and am sure to have things ventilated when it is baking.

To make a strawberry, first form a round ball of red. Then flatten it a bit on one side and make it a little pointed on the opposite side:

You can form the green top by hand, but I discovered my daughter, Hazelnut’s, clay press that I bought for her this summer. Using the 4 leaf clover-ish die I make a slice of green. This was very helpful because I was making 100 of these but if you only making a few just form some little leaves by hand:

For my decorative pins I used long glass headed pins. Insert the pin through the center of the green and then through the red. To make the seed indentations I used a very small crochet hook. Turned out to be just the right size and shape! I also used it to shape the leaves a bit more:

Bake as directed on the polymer clay package. A perfect little gift for a sewing friend or for yourself. Just because.

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