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Felt Heart Sachets

Deborah Fisher

Posted on December 14 2018

Felt Heart Sachets

The Felt Heart Sachet is sweet little project just in time for Valentine’s Day, but also perfect for any day. You can make just one or make a bunch assembly line style for everyone you love. My heart are about 4” not including the ribbon loop, but you can make them any size you like.

 You will need:

•Dried Lavender. I buy it in bulk from Atlantic Spice. It keeps for a long time and is good to have on hand for last minute gifts.

•Two colors of felt for the heart plus 6” of ribbon for the loop. I used these color combinations for this group of sachets.

•Bits of green felt and embroidery floss for the stems and leaves.

•Pinch of sequins and beads.

If your sequins do not have holes, you can punch a hole in the center with a tiny hole punch.

 1. To make your heart pattern, cut a 4” square of paper or card stock. This is the size I use, but you can make your heart any size you want.

2. Fold the paper in half.

3. Draw ½ of a heart next to the fold of the paper.

4. Cut on the line and unfold your heart.

5. Use your heart pattern to cut a heart out of the felt you have chosen for the front of your heart.

6. Cut 3 little leaves about ½-¾” long.

7. Now embroidery the stems and leaves on the heart. I use 3 strands of floss and a simple back stitch. There is no template for this-just go for it! You can use my branch formation or come up with your own. I usually start at the bottom and go up to the left. Then I go back to where the side stem will branch out and go up to the right from there. Last, I add the leaves.

8. To make the flowers use sewing thread on a thin needle. Come up through the back of the heart. Add 2, 3 or 4 sequins onto the needle from largest to smallest. Add a bead on the end. (Be sure your needle is thin enough and your bead has a big enough hole for the needle.) Go back down through the sequins and through the heart ⅛” away from where you came up. The bead will act like a knot and hold the sequins on. Tie the threads together on the back of the heart. Repeat with the other flower.

9. Pin the front hearts onto the backing felt and cut the backing felt roughly ½” from the edges of the front heart. Fold the 6” of ribbon in half. Tuck the raw edges of the ribbon into the top of the heart between the 2 layers and pin in place.

10. Using floss and a blanket stitch or other decorative stitch, applique the front heart onto the backing heart, catching in the ribbon when you get to the top of the heart. When appliqueing felt I like to only catch the top layer of the backing and not go all the way through to the back. This way there are no stitches showing on the back. (See the photo of the back of the finished heart below.) Leave an opening to add the lavender, keeping the thread and needle attached to the heart.

11. Fill the heart with dried lavender. I like to make a little paper funnel to help get the lavender where it needs to go.

12. Finish appliqueing around the remainder of the heart.

13. Use pinking shears to trim the backing heart to make a frame around the front heart.

Here is the finished heart back with no stitches showing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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